Sleep Recovery is Now Happy to Come to You!

Whether it's at home or your office, getting the help you need is easier than ever.

In March of 2017, Sleep Recovery Centers conducted a client-wide survey to pulse the time commitment involved getting to and from our main office. With Southern California traffic congestion at an all time high, the average round trip commute including each session was just under three hours. With most clients working 65-80 hours per week, this new factor was troubling.

As of April 2017, we began offering home and office visits, making it more convenient and helpful to those in need. A fully trained neurofeedback technician was dispatched to the clients home or office, scheduled at times that were convenient for them and their families.

By July of that year, Sleep Recovery Home Services was the primary way we were helping people restore their sleep, get their life back and return to feeling productive again. We still operate three base offices in Los Angeles, Costa Mesa and Torrance. Present and future clients are welcome to chose which method is best for them.