Non-Linear Dynamic Neurofeedback: Fine Tuning the Brain

Seeing the Human Brain as an Integrative Whole

The beauty of non-linear brain training is that, unlike all other types of neurofeedback, it acknowledges and works with the inherent self-intelligence of the brain. The bio-electrical instabilities associated with insomnia is something the brain is aware of and knows it needs to correct.

Given instantaneous, real-time feedback on how it has just misfired, the brain can, over time and over 20 sessions re-correct these instabilities thus normalizing sleep and reducing anxiety and stress without medications or talk therapy.



Reading Electrical Flow From Within the Brain

We as humans have a whole symphony of electrical activity coursing throughout our brains. Signals and voltage coming from both the left and right hemispheres is very faint- only one millionth of a volt.

The system (pictured left), uses sensors attached to the scalp to gather this data, amplifying and digitizing it so the computer software can begin doing its search. No electrical shock or charge ever enters the brain.


How the System Works

The software then scans the brain for where the instabilities are firing, and also looks for repetitions or 'clusters' of these instabilities that are associated with things like hyper-arousal (anxiety) and/or poor sleep quality.

The system also looks for any and all other instabilities that may be connected to different imbalances as well, such as difficulty paying attention, athletic concentration, musical performance or relationship challenges. The sessions will for the most part provide improvements in these areas as well, all at the same time.



The Brain Learns to Stabilize Itself Through Repetition and Review

The human brain is an absolutely amazing learning organ. But contrary to popular belief, it only retains about 25% of what its taught the first time. This is why 15 sessions are necessary to achieve the desired results. Sleep Recovery is not a 'quick-fix' program, but an effective means to exact lasting results over the long haul.

Over time, and over a number of sessions, the brain settles into a flexibility and resilience it has never experienced before in its lifetime. Like yoga for the brain, 15 sessions creates a stronger, more efficient central nervous system that is able to rise above all its previous levels of performance.


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