Dr. Jeff Wilson Serves as Chief Clinical Advisor

Jeff Wilson, Ph.D. has been providing neurofeedback training since 1985.

He is an EEG Spectrum International Graduate and has applied EEG biofeedback
training to an array of conditions such as addictions treatment, anxiety, panic,
PTSD and sleep issues.


David A. Mayen Serves as Sleep Recovery's Founder and Program Director

He is also a graduate of EEG Spectrum International, Inc., the finest academic institution teaching neurofeedback today.

He holds certifications in advanced neurofeedback, neuro-anatomy, and neurophysiology, psycho-pharmacology (medications) as well as alpha-theta training for relieving the symptoms of PTSD related trauma.

David founded Sleep Recovery Centers and formulated the unique set of neurofeedback protocols that are currently being successfully used within the practice today. The entire program is based upon his own experiences with chronic insomnia back in 2001, and how best to help people return back to normal life.