Everyone Deserves to Feel Tranquility Again, Especially You

So many of us try working with our doctor, talking with friends, or over-exercising, but nothing seems to get us to break free of the daily fear and hopelessness that anxiety brings.
But now there's a simple, fast-acting, and lasting method that is being used on anxiety sufferers like returning soldiers, terrorism survivors, and assault victims.


Anxiety Resides Bio-Electrically, Within the Brain

Many professionals wrongly think that anxiety is a physical or behavioral problem. But we view anxiety completely differently. It is our understanding that most symptoms of people's anxiety are bio-electrical, or more simply put, brainwave-based.

Most people who suffer from anxiety and panic attacks will report feeling like their thinking is going 'a million miles an hour or 'when I try to sleep, my brain just won't shut off. This is commonly known as hyper-arousal within the sphere of human brainwaves.

People's brains are incredibly self-intelligent. The brain knows anxiety is a serious problem, but it can't seem to correct the problem on its own. So, it will look for outside ways and means to get anxiety relief.

If a person with anxiety goes out with friends for dinner, and they have several drinks, the alcohol in those drinks will push a brainwave called 'Low Alpha'. And low alpha is what the brain normally uses (without alcohol) to calm anxiety. The anxious person is not really paying attention, but his or her brain is. Once that brainwave connected to the relief from hyper-arousal kicks in, the feelings of anxiety drop precipitously. And the brain will want to get the same anti-anxiety effect again and again.

This is why so many people over-drink for anxiety help. And this leads to problems at home, at work and can even lead to expensive DUI's. But we have shown hundreds of clients in the last 10 years that there's a better way.


Medication-Free Treatment for Anxiety, Panic and Sleep Restoration

Here at Sleep Recovery, we have been providers of this type of brainwave training for anxiety and insomnia for over 11 years.

Our program is not only specially designed for fast-acting anxiety help but is also convenient and affordable for most people's budgets.

All Sleep Recovery programs are provided via telehealth online, with every shipment of equipment fully sanitized with 70% rubbing alcohol.


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