What is The Sleep Recovery Program?

The Sleep Recovery Program is a simple, user-friendly and affordable neurological training process, utilizing several advanced forms of brainwave bio-feedback that are scientifically proven to help normalize human sleep patterns. 

It balances, strengthens and calms the brain and central nervous system in such a way that eliminates the need for the long term, on-going treatment.

Your brain is finished after 15 sessions, allowing you to feel well-rested with less anxiety during the day, as well as lessening “busy thoughts” before bedtime.

How Does it Work?

As opposed to overnight sleep studies, Sleep Recovery Training is done during the day or early evening. Sessions last about 35 minutes with the results carrying over in the client's nightly sleep cycle.

The sessions are painless, non-invasive and no side effects. Two sensors are placed on the scalp, much like very sensitive microphones that listen in on the faint electrical signals inside the brain. (No electricity ever enters the brain.)

The software then analyzes this brainwave data and does a Google-like search of the entire brain, in real-time. The software algorithm searches for misalignments or “wobble” in the EEG data that may be responsible for the clients' sleep problems. The search data is then fed back to the brain itself, (again in real-time) through headphone music, teaching the brain where it needs to re-align itself.

The human brain is so self intelligent, it catches on quickly that this mirror is being used to optimize its own performance. This is a difference between the terms disorder and recovery. The brain is choosing the necessary corrections to recover its own restorative sleep cycles. Sleeping pills or talk therapy are not involved in this process.

Program and Individual Session Duration

The entire program runs about 21 days and works out to 15 sessions total, The brain is an incredible learning organ that loves to embrace new material. The system teaches your brain to become calm, balanced and focused in a way that you’ve never experienced before.

But just like learning something new, it takes time and practice. Fifteen sessions over a four week period allow for these positive changes to take place.

Individual sessions are done during the day or early evening and last about one hour.

How to Get Started

Programs are completed entirely in the comfort of your own home, supervised live, privately online. After the initial phone consultation and completion of your intake paperwork, we will ship you all the necessary equipment to start right away.

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