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What is the Sleep Recovery Program?

Advanced Neurofeedback That's Safe and Effective. Non-Drug Approach to Waking Up Rested Again.

“When I would lay down to sleep, my brain would race with competing thoughts a mile a minute, says Laura M. from Santa Monica, California. “I’d wake up at 2:00 AM, and the anxiety would start all over. Now after 4 sessions, I’m up to about 6 hours a night and I am waking up feeling rested again.

The sessions last about 35 minutes and are so relaxing. I can read a magazine or book, or I can close my eyes and just rest.”

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How Can Sleep Recovery Help Me?

I Haven't Slept Well in Years. How is Sleep Recovery Different?

So many insomnia sufferers have tried in vain to better their sleep by using over-the-counter sleep aids, herbs or talk therapy. Some work for a few days, then, more often than not, the problem returns. With so many ineffective ‘quick-fixes’ available, its common for people to throw up their hands and just live with the daily exhaustion, the irritability and loss of productivity that comes with ignoring the problem.

But what if there was a better way? What if we could address the insomnia and anxiety at it’s source point–within the brain itself?

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Getting Started with Sleep Recovery


John D.

Long Beach, CA

I don't know how this works, but it does. I originally became interested in this work as a result of seeing great progress with my wife. Not suffering from any lack of sleep, I was curious how I would benefit. First off, I can report that my sleep is extremely good now. But the side benefits are more rewarding. It seems like more overactive personality, which is an asset for energy, but a liability for direction, is now more focused. I am able to get through my daily task with more efficiency and little to no procrastination, which used to be an issue. it seems as if my ego self and my true self (divine self) are more closely aligned. So there is no internal fighting with myself. I just get things done. There is no doubt that this is a huge benefit.
* Results may vary from person to person. Please call for a free evaluation to see if your a good candidate for our program.

Denise W.

Huntington Beach, CA

​Sleep Recovery Center kept me breathing through a difficult time. I had had a hard time sleeping well for years. But the last couple months before starting biofeedback with David, even prescription drugs were not helping. Even when I did sleep a few hours during the night, I would get up in the morning feeling exhausted before I even started my day.

I was fortunate to have a week off of work and David worked with me to fit in as many sessions as possible. I would say he went above and beyond the norm in helping me return to a reasonable schedule of sleeping well enough to get by during that week. I continued going as often as possible, and within a couple months I was sleeping through the night most of the time. When I did wake up in the middle of the night I could go back to sleep again.

It's made a huge difference in my health and well being to feel calm again and not like I was sticking one finger in an outlet all day. I'm certain that Sleep Recovery Center had a large part to do with this.
* Results may vary from person to person. Please call for a free evaluation to see if your a good candidate for our program.

Approximately one third of the new clients who come to Sleep Recovery for help with are faced with two challenges at the source of their sleep problems: The first being unstable EEG brain function.

This doesn’t mean someone with insomnia and anxiety is necessarily suffering from mental illness issues. What it speaks to is a brain that’s not operating efficiently in it’s electrical flow. Racing thoughts, the inability to sit still and frequent wake-ups are good examples of an over-active (unstable) central nervous system.

The Sleep Recovery Stabilization protocol addresses these issues at the source, within the brain itself.

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Sleep Recovery Stabilization Protocol

The other major disruption to normal, healthy sleep architecture is unresolved emotional trauma. We tend to think that post traumatic stress has to be one or two majorly bad events in our lives, but trauma can accrue bit by bit over time as well.

Our Alpha-Theta protocol has a strong history for creating a gentle, safe internal environment for the mind and brain to rest in–giving it the opportunity to relieve it’s own trauma.

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Alpha-Theta Protocol for Past Trauma

It’s important for us to show results early on. For this reason we have created a four session trial to allow each new client to try Sleep Recovery before making a full commitment to our programs.

The nightmare of not sleeping is a heavy emotional and financial burden on any person and their family.

Treating each client with dignity and kindness is important to us. We prefer to show a measure of tangible benefit with every client before a full commitment to our programs is even considered.

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