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ABC News Video Report: Sleeping Pills Linked to Premature Death
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What is the Sleep Recovery Program?

Advanced Neurofeedback That's Safe and Effective. Non-Drug Approach to Waking Up Rested Again.

“When I would lay down to sleep, my brain would race with competing thoughts a mile a minute, says Laura M. from Santa Monica, California. “I’d wake up at 2:00 AM, and the anxiety would start all over. Now after 4 sessions, I’m up to about 6 hours a night and I am waking up feeling rested again.

The sessions last about 35 minutes and are so relaxing. I can read a magazine or book, or I can close my eyes and just rest.”

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How Can Sleep Recovery Help Me?

I Haven't Slept Well in Years. How is Sleep Recovery Different?

So many insomnia sufferers have tried in vain to better their sleep by using over-the-counter sleep aids, herbs or talk therapy. Some work for a few days, then, more often than not, the problem returns. With so many ineffective ‘quick-fixes’ available, its common for people to throw up their hands and just live with the daily exhaustion, the irritability and loss of productivity that comes with ignoring the problem.

But what if there was a better way? What if we could address the insomnia and anxiety at it’s source point–within the brain itself?

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